Why nothing new?

It has been years, I was going through my old books and remembered how much I enjoyed your work..






It is the White Liberals who are the Problem

The worse agitators are rich neurotic liberal whites. Look at the pro-Gangsta riots in Ferguson, it got real bad when it got to NYC and the, Occupy Wall Street anarchist movement took over.  George Soros is  funding  protests, riots and looting, the Liberal billionaire gave $3.3 million. 

Liberals feel they should be allowed to resist arrest, punch cops, burn stores, loot, riot, and burglarize. They’re “different, special, separate, apart and not like the rest of normal civilized society.”

Democrats are out of control. The police have to put their lives on the line to deal with the “Civil Disobedience” supported by this administration,  liberals, illegal immigrants and black politicians. When there are riots and Civil Disobedience just look what the country has become with the full support from Obama and the radical left.